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8 Tips for Social Media Marketing

Marketing isn’t just for the big corporate giants, it’s also for small business owners and even independent authors. When you’re thinking of marketing on this scale, it becomes much more … Continue reading

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Business Cards For the MN Blogger Conference

So, I was able to snag tickets to the 2012 MN Blogger Conference. After my initial excitement subsided I realized I didn’t have any professional business cards. Cue panic! I … Continue reading

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Creating a Path to Success – Step by Step

Most likely you’re familiar with this speech by Steve Jobs. My idealistic nature falls in love with Mr. Jobs every time I hear that speech. My realistic side sees my mortgage … Continue reading

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Originally posted on DeniseMpls Career Services:
Do you behave at work the same way you do at home? Do you talk to people the same way, use the same word…

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Customer Service: How are you saying it?

I just read this article from Mod Mom Furniture. To give you a quick run-down of the situation. Mod Mom furniture began on Etsy. After a wonderful amount of success … Continue reading

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What Honda Did Wrong on The Bachelor

Alright, I admit it. I watch the Bachelor. Please don’t judge me too harshly. Luckily, this obsession has led to a very interesting development regarding product placement. Honda’s product placement … Continue reading

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Asking Questions Can Hurt Your Career

I recently read a book entitled “Talking 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work” By Deborah Tannen and it’s changing my life. I recommend this book to any working professional. … Continue reading

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Who Owns Your Twitter Followers?

As with all technological advancements, the laws governing them are slow to materialize. It’s interesting to see how new media, like Twitter and blogging, run into legal battles. The newest situation … Continue reading

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Customer Service and Professionals

If you work in the American corporate world, odds are you have been exposed to this: An all-company presentation where the VP of Sales is speaking. He/She asks everyone in … Continue reading

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Involving Your Customers 101

I have a habit of on-line clothes shopping. With my hectic schedule it’s easier to browse online than trying to fit in time to go to an actual store. However convenient, this habit is … Continue reading

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